Hongkong Shen Tong

Shenzhen Securities Communications (HK) Limited was established in July 2012 by Shenzhen Securities Communications Limited (Shenzhen Securities Communications) solely owned. Shenzhen Securities and Exchange is a professional technology company affiliated to Shenzhen Stock Exchange. It is an important communication center and information processing center of China's capital market. The company specializes in the financial industry, providing high-security IT services including quotations, transactions, settlement, system custody, industry data exchange, industry basic resources and applications for nearly a thousand financial institutions both at home and abroad. It has wide influence and brand recognition in the industry. Financial Data Exchange Platform (FDEP), a communication platform built and operated by Shenzhen Securities and Exchange Corporation, connects nearly 1,000 headquarters-level financial institutions, including core market institutions, securities, funds, banks and so on, and is securities-based. Business-centric financial data exchange and sharing infrastructure is a one-stop data exchange solution for participants in China's capital market; the company has created a financial-focused industry cloud platform-industry basic resources service platform, the platform works together with software developers to customize the business needs of securities and finance institutions I T solution, has been launched on-line market deployment, disaster preparedness services, data storage and other industries application services, and for public funds, brokerage PB, third-party sales business to provide IT outsourcing services.

Shenzhen Securities Link (Hong Kong) Limited is responsible for the operation of Shenzhen Securities Link's Hong Kong business, providing cross-border business (such as mutual fund recognition, QDII, QFII, etc.) communication solutions for institutional participants in domestic and foreign capital markets. The financial institutions in Hong Kong only need access to the Shenzhen Securities Exchange (HK) communication node to obtain the quotation, transaction and settlement data of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the China Registration and Settlement Corporation (CSEC) conveniently, and to connect the huge community customers of the Shenzhen Securities Communication Platform to achieve efficient, safe and low-cost business with the domestic financial institutions. At the same time, we can use the industry basic resources service platform to reduce the cost of the organization, carry out business quickly and ensure business safety compliance.

FDEP platform provides a safe, efficient and convenient data exchange service for all kinds of financial institutions. It promotes the electronic and automation level of business operation in the whole industry, improves business operation efficiency, reduces business operation risks, facilitates market supervision, and achieves significant social value and economic benefits.