Network financial business

Business Introduction

The Financial Data Exchange Platform (FDEP) uses the mature Shenzhen Securities Communication Network as the main underlying network facility. Through various access modes, FDEP makes banks, securities companies, fund companies, futures companies, exchanges, and listings.Clearing Corp, regulators and so on. The financial data exchange platform includes message transmission system and file.Transmission system. Financial Data Exchange Platform (FDEP) Financial Data Exchange and Sharing Infrastructure with securities business as its core is a one-stop data exchange solution for participants in China's capital market.

Data Exchange Platform (FDEP)

The core software of the message transmission system is a refined message middleware suitable for specific applications. Its main function is to exchange messages safely and efficiently among users of the access system, including sending and receiving messages, transmission load balancing and reliable transmission.

The system is a file transmission system suitable for non-real-time scenarios. Its main function is to send and receive files, including file compression, breakpoint continuation, priority, reliable transfer, etc.

Business Characteristics


High performance

throughput of 200,000 per second



safer than direct connection and routing mode


higher availability

99.999 % availability



one development, rapid deployment online

Product introduction

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