Financial cloud business
Business introduction

SSCC Financial Cloud Platform has been working in the securities and financial industry for many years, working with industry IT service providers to tailor personalized IT solutions for securities and financial institutions to perfectly meet customers' business needs. Since its release in 2013, the platform has successively launched various industry application services such as market quotation, disaster backup, data storage and management, etc. It also provides IT basic resource outsourcing of production system for financial businesses such as public offering funds, securities companies PB, third-party sales, regional equity markets, etc. The service targets include industry associations, stock exchanges, regional equity trading centers and other market core institutions, financial institutions of securities, funds, futures, sales agencies, insurance and banks, as well as listed and quasi-listed enterprises.SSCC Financial Cloud has always adhered to the principle of safety and compliance, driven by the development of financial science and technology innovation, and has the responsibility of building a win-win industry ecology, injecting a steady stream of new impetus for industry development and business innovation. The security, professionalism, leadership and openness of its service make the financial cloud platform widely trusted by customers, so it is the first choice for cloud services in the domestic financial industry.

Business Characteristics

Financial IT specialist

Industry-specific platform

Deeply understanding business requirements


Leading technology

Self-controlled and flexibly customized

Make transformation easier


Compliant and secure

Complying with regulatory having compliance guarantees

Faithful and neutral, safe and credible

Intimate service

Full-process advisory services

7x24 technical support

Product Introduction

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